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Automotive journalist specialising in 4X4s, sportscars, camping and future tech.

Why I own a 4WD

This beach is next to a city of 300,000 people, an hour away from Melbourne and easily accessible by roadcar. The next day I took this photo. That beach is 45m from a town of 30,000 and only accessible by 4WD. It’s 5 hours from Melbourne. Just where I’d rather be. Sure, I relish and […]

MadMatt’s Rollover

Real-life recovery stories are something we can all learn from! MadMatt and I speak a fair bit on 4WD-y matters; we’re both trying to make a go of it in the world of YouTube, and we’re both committed to 4WD safety and education, albeit with different styles. But I wasn’t expecting the call I got […]

Never trust satnav

The image above is of Google Maps. It shows where a campsite actually is, vs where Google thinks it is. Maps have always had errors, either at production, or introduced over time through age. But, when we had to look at paper people tended to question the map, check it, and therefore catch errors. Now, […]

Camping with a ute service body

I love my ute’s service body! Here’s how we set up for breakfast. There’s one box for cooking gear, and one for food. We set up two small, light (1kg) stools and put the boxes on a stool each. That’s quicker and easier to set up than a table, and why waste valuable table space […]

$170 fun – Carisma MSA-1E review

Can you go wrong with a radio controlled 4X4 for $170? Radio controlled cars are a lot of fun…but sometimes that fun can wear off.  Personally, I find the high-speed cars a bit boring – they’re fun to see zoom off, but you can’t actually much other than a blur, and they need a lot […]

Can my Ford Ranger tow my caravan?

A very common question is “can I tow…?” and in this case, it’s a Ford Ranger with a camper pulling a caravan. Here’s the question: Hi Robert, I was told by a couple of people to contact you for some unbiased advice. I am looking to purchase a Ford Ranger 4×4 XLT Super cab chassis and attach […]

6 ways COVID will change car recreation

The world was never quite the same after 9/11, and so too will COVID-19 leave its mark on the world and cars – here are six ways the car world will change. I think I hold the world record for the shortest time between arriving at an airport and making it on to an international […]


Wondering about your life decisions? Worry no more, just read our 4X4 Horoscopes for guidance…. Arseian – March 21  to April 19 Sell those old suspension parts in your shed. There’s a muppet waiting to hand over top dollar on Gumtree. Tornstrap – April 20 to May 20 Have faith in fellow humans. If you’re […]

Here’s what’s wrong with the DCS Fraser Island “tide escape” video

On today’s episode of How Not to 4WD: There’s a video doing the rounds of a group in a Toyota Fortuner owned by Deep Cycle Systems, trying to “escape” an incoming tide on Fraser Island. Or, was doing the rounds, as it’s now been taken down. But not before I had a look and took […]

How to keep your travel car’s weight within limits

Overloading recreational vehicles is becoming more and more of a problem…here’s how to keep legal and safe. The Australian people are getting steadily heavier over time, and so too are our camping vehicles to the point where their weight exceeds various limits set by the manufacturer or the designer. And just like overweight humans, that […]