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The 2008 G4 Challenge in Australia and Mongolia

Here’s some background on the Land Rover G4 Challenge in Australia and Mongolia. Land Rover Australia imported four vehicles to Australia for the G4 selection trials and general promotion.  These were two Discovery 3s TDV6s and two Defender 110s.  All four were sold around January-Feburary 2009.  The two D3s are based in Melbourne, one of […]

The 4WD Debate

You have may noticed 4WDs aren’t popular in some quarters. There’s a lot of sensationalism, liberally sprinkled with phrases like “vehicle of mass destruction”, references to apparent insecurities of the drivers and generally the coverage is more about whipping up a bit of good old tabloid outrage than the facts or reasoned argument. Flung with […]

The conversation.

Hmmmm”. “No.” “We’ll be ok”. “No!” “It’s not that bad. Bit steep, but it won’t be a drama.” “No way are you taking that vehicle up there!” “Why not?” “Why not? Why not? Because it’s dangerous! Because we don’t need to do it! Becau..” “It’s not dangerous. It’ll be ok, we’ll be fin..” “And what […]

Land Rover Experience @ Luton

I’d heard a lot about Land Rover Experience, some good, some not so good. To make up my own mind I’d tried to organise a proper press visit but that didn’t happen, for various reasons including my own terrible planning. Then circumstances conspired to leave me with a spare Saturday, and a quick web browse […]


Another month and another accident at Fraser Island, again involving a rented 4WD, although one driven by Aussies. Still, doesn’t matter, they’re idiots wherever they come from. Probably loaded the vehicle wrongly, tyre pressures too high and any fool can see those Troopies handle like jellies at the best of times, let alone on a […]