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Wondering about your life decisions? Worry no more, just read our 4X4 Horoscopes for guidance…. Arseian – March 21  to April 19 Sell those old suspension parts in your shed. There’s a muppet waiting to hand over top dollar on Gumtree. Tornstrap – April 20 to May 20 Have faith in fellow humans. If you’re […]

Cooking Diary, Part 0

Many years ago I left home and thus life changed.  I rented a small room in a house, and lived happily there with two brothers as joint landlords.  It was a peaceful existence, with only a few noisy moments when the younger brother entertained his girlfriend, usually a virtuoso performance amplified by the fact our […]

Cooking Diary, Part 1

If you don’t eat, you die. That’s primarily why I eat. Of course, if the experience can be pleasurable that’s all the better, but in general I sacrifice pleasure for speed. Left to my own devices, I would purchase a fridge only to keep beer cold, and probably never construct anything more elaborate than toast, […]