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Snatch block loads

If the force required to move the tree is X, and a snatch block is used on another tree to reverse the pull (not shown), then what is the approximate force the winch will produce (Y) and what is the force on the tree with the snatch block (Z) ? a) Y = 0.5 X, […]

Why not me?

Why can’t I leave my mark? Tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors wrote on rocks, shifted nature around to make dwellings and generally acted just as they pleased. Even a couple of hundred years ago people emblazoned their initials into trees, and now we protect those engravings as precious history. But today we’re […]

The 5 Greatest 4×4 Lies

You don’t even believe them yourself, but you say these 4×4 lies anyway. GENERALLY, 4X4 people are good people. They tend to be self-reliant, outgoing, adventurous and as travel widens the mind, open-minded. But in specific situations they are also outright liars. We say these things, and half the time we are trying to convince […]

Cooking Diary, Part 1

If you don’t eat, you die. That’s primarily why I eat. Of course, if the experience can be pleasurable that’s all the better, but in general I sacrifice pleasure for speed. Left to my own devices, I would purchase a fridge only to keep beer cold, and probably never construct anything more elaborate than toast, […]