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Towing Weights Calculator

You can use this calculator to:

  • Work out if your car can tow a given trailer;
  • See the heaviest trailer your can can tow;
  • Work out how much payload you have left once your trailer is attached;
  • See how close you are to limits such as GVM and GCM;
  • Understand generally your trailer weights.

The calculator assumes you are familiar with terms like GVM, GCM and TBM. If you’re not, then please read this first, then come back here.

If you are familiar with towing weights, then here’s some explanatory notes about the calculator.

Calculator results are for guidance only – final checks should be made using all the data and limitations specific to your towcar and trailer which this calculator may not cater for.

Enter your trailer and towcar details below

Your reference:

Whatever you want to name this calculation, e.g. "Ford Ranger and DreamVan". Not used in calculations. Only a-Z, 0-9 and - allowed.


Actual trailer weight Measure this; tailer ready to tow, including TBM; this should be equal to or less than the trailer's ATM.
Trailer ATM Maxium weight of trailer; refer to trailer placard. The ATM should be equal to or more than the trailer's actual weight.
Towball mass (TBM) Measure this; as ready to tow. If you can't measure it, use 10% of trailer weight.


Actual towcar weight Measure this; towcar ready to tow but unhitched; accessories, luggage, people, fuel etc. This should be less than the towcar's GVM.
Towball mass (TBM) limit The maximum TBM. Look on towcar's placard, towbar, and tow tongue; use the lowest figure of the three.
Max tow capacity Refer to vehicle specs. Maximum braked towing capacity.
GVM Gross Vehicle Mass. Refer to your vehicle's weight placard.
GCM Gross Combination Mass. Refer to vehicle's specs.

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Trailer and towcar details

Total trailer weight 2500
The weight of your trailer, as ready to tow, including TBM.
Towball mass (TBM) 250
Usually around 10% of trailer weight.
Towcar weight 2600
Weight of your towcar, as ready to tow.
Max tow capacity 3000
Maximum braked tow capacity of your towcar.
GVM 3100
Gross Vehicle Mass of your towcar.
GCM 6000
Gross Combination Mass of your towcar.

Towing weight calculations - guidance only

Combined weight:
Towcar & trailer combined, ready to tow. This must not be greater than the GCM.
Percentage of trailer weight to towcar weight:
96 %
The lighter the trailer relative to the towcar the better, ideally this would be less than 100%.
Difference to ATM:

You are within the ATM of 3000 by 500.
TBM as a percentage of trailer weight:
10 %
Towball mass (TBM) of your trailer; weight on the towball.
Difference to max TBM:
How far away you are from exceeding the TBM limit.
Your rear axle load will increase by about 375 and your front axle load will decrease by about 125.
Difference to GCM:
You are within the GCM limit of 6000 by 900.
Difference to GVM:
You are within the GVM of 3100 by 250.
Difference to max tow:
Your trailer weight of 2500 is within the max tow of 3000 by 500.
Payload left before reaching a weight limit:
In this configuration, your payload is limited by GVM.
The heaviest trailer this towcar can tow is:
This is the heaviest trailer you can tow given the weights input above (assumes 10% TBM).
Your maximum trailer weight is the towcar's maximum braked tow limit.
Version 9 - 16/10/2020
L2SFBC Towing Weight Calculation Results

If you have questions, comments or feedback please post them on the help page, after you’ve read it and the explanations 🙂

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