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Towing Weights Calculator

You can use this calculator to:

  • Work out if your car can tow a given trailer;
  • See the heaviest trailer your can can tow;
  • Work out how much payload you have left once your trailer is attached;
  • See how close you are to limits such as GVM and GCM;
  • Understand generally your trailer weights.

The calculator assumes you are familiar with terms like GVM, GCM and TBM. If you’re not, then please read this first, then come back here.

If you are familiar with towing weights, then here’s some explanatory notes about the calculator.

Calculator results are for guidance only – final checks should be made using all the data and limitations specific to your towcar and trailer which this calculator may not cater for.

If you have questions, comments or feedback please post them on the help page, after you’ve read it and the explanations 🙂

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The calculator and the information provided is free to you but cost me to produce and maintain, so please consider supporting me on Patreon and YouTube. Sponsorship welcome so long as independence is maintained.